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Why We Do It

If you want shine & gloss, ease of clean and chemical resistance for years to come, a coating could be the perfect solution. Learn more about our coating options below!


Ceramic Pro is the leading nano-ceramic coating for paint protection. This coating is specially formulated to give permanent protection and a high gloss look and feel. The application process involves a 2-step paint correction and is performed by our Hawk Pro professionals, who have been expertly trained and certified to deliver results. Learn more about CeramicPro and services offered.


Opticoat is a hard-wearing ceramic coating that we deliver after a one-step paint correction. The ceramic clear coat will protect your car against environmental impacts. The coating leaves a clear and smooth finishing coat — and can usually be performed as a same-day service. It provides protection and a peace of mind. Find out if OptiCoat is right for you!

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We are huge believers in protecting your vehicle inside and out.